International contacts :-)

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International contacts :-)

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Hi mates.
I'm from TSC! Russia, one of the biggest teams in Russian Federation.
Difficult to find right topic here to write in. So I started a new one.

Me and Behc planning to come to Prague sometime on May holidays.
If those of u who live in Prague and want to meet each other and us - we will be pleased to get your guide in your City and some interesting places(castles and bars :smt023 ). In same case I can be a guide in Gothenburg(Sweden) and Behc in St.Petersburg. 22rrr
I thought about it because our team had had meetings at Moscow, St.Petersburg and Rostov some times, and it was very cool when Swedish guy with friends came to one of these meeting . :smt023

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Re: International contacts :-)

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Hello Lev(RUS),
Welcome to our forum. I hope you will enjoy Prague and that you will find someone from Prague, who will walk you through the local bars (and, of course, interesting places :lol: ).

P.S. (in czech for others)
Tož hoši z Prahy, máte možnost navázat mezinárodní kontakty 22rrr .
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Re: International contacts :-)

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just to make things clear, when about exactly are U coming down to prague and where are U planing to stay? it may help a bit if U really intend to meet someone

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o mann
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Re: International contacts :-)

#4 Příspěvek od o mann »

Hi everyone, I'm o mann from L'Alliance Francophone,
I post to invite you and all your team for the « Charity Race 2011 » !
during 2 weeks, beginning from january 30th, 00,00 CET/MEZ>(Look at here)< till february 12th, 23.59 CET/MEZ. The idea of the « Charity Contest » is to build a « Charity Team », that will give a "computing kick" to the project we have choosed. Lot of main teams of BOINC expect to their members to crunch for a medicine project all together. This action is in order to have links between teams and top remember we're all crunching for projects, that's why a « Charity Team » is created just for this race, after everyone return to his team of course.
There was two Charity Race before : in 2009 and 2010.
The project chosen will be on this page
I hope you'll come with us for this experience.
More infos about the Charity Race :

See you soon

o mann

Sorry but I created a new post « Charity Race 2011 », it's better in a news topic !
I prefer to write in English (or French or German), Czech is difficult for me


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