With boincwide Teamimport in CNTproject went something wrong

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With boincwide Teamimport in CNTproject went something wrong

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I got the mail about a new project yesterday, because the boincwide teams were imported to your project. I did the usual stuff I do in this cases, which is:
1. Asking for account key and lgging in with it
2. Changing all data in my ATA-account to the usual ones
3. Leaving my ATA-team
4. Becoming member of SETI.Germany

Unfortunately I had to include the following:
3a. Founding SETI.Germany

Of course SETI.Germany is as well a boinc-wide team, but it had not been imported. I asked our admin, whether he received a mail from this project and deleted the team, but he hadn't heard of you. So there has to be a bug in the team-import.

I know, that there was something like that in RNA World as well, because of some wrong character in a team name an it got hung somewhere. This has to be at less than #593, and there are over 1000 bw-teams. Can you look up, what went wrong here?

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Re: With boincwide Teamimport in CNTproject went something w

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Hi Saenger.

We testing BOINC Server side for new projects. This new project not for real scientific calculations. We also testing importing teams from boincwide teams.
Certainly we look what happened when importing teams.
Thank you wrote report.


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