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International issues?

Napsal: čtv 29 lis, 2007 18:54
od KPX
Isn't that interesting? We have a very large "International" miniteam within our "CNT" team, however - no one writes anything in the English section of our Forum. :o
Perhaps all our international members speak only Swahili and no one speaks English? Or perhaps they have no questions, nothing bothers them, have nothing to share with others, or know no jokes? :D
Or maybe we really are a purely Czech team? Which is fine as well. We are a good team and the Czech forum is lively enough. I have nothing against that. It is just that I am curious enough to ask... so let's find out. Should we keep the English section of this Forum? :?:

Re: International issues?

Napsal: ned 16 pro, 2007 00:44
od NoTHX
well, the forum should survive a bit more of life, but this can be easily done... just users need to post
maybe foreign members have problems with czech default forum language :P

PS: do someone know what "Uživatelský panel", "Nastavení" and "Jazyk" mean anyway? :lol:

Re: International issues?

Napsal: ned 24 črc, 2011 00:36
od denartha
Or maybe we really are a purely Czech team?
Not any more you're not! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Denartha and I am an ethical hacker from the west of Ireland. I didnt see an Irish team, and didnt want to start one, so I thought it made more sense to join the Czech team? Why? Well by a surprising coincidence, I live in Brno in South Moravia. Please don't ask how I got here, its a long story.

My interests include cooking, shooting and drinking. As well as computers(Linux preferably), tinkering with gadgets and erm... numbers.

At the moment, I only have one computer dedicated to this task, and it is not 'dedicated' as such, as it also runs my torrents.

Im kind of a late developer in this area. I have always been interested in Math, but a mixture of bad teachers, and to be honest, laziness on my part, it kind of passed me by. I then heard of GIMPS about 3 years ago through some volunteer work I did, and was interested, but not interested enough to do any real research(more laziness). Then a fellow irishperson of mine wrote a book about math and encryption which mentioned Mersenne and GIMPS and I got really, really interested, and started reading and decided to go for it and try to find a Mersenne prime number. Nobody told me that factoring prime numbers was hard! <! I hope to get this on a t-shirt some

I am sorry I cant interact more on the rest of the forum, but my Czech is some what limited. I can read a little and order beer and food but that's about it. Hopefully my language skills will improve.

Dont worry NoTHX, I know what "Jazyk" means.

Re: International issues?

Napsal: ned 24 črc, 2011 22:51
od vkliber
Hi denartha.
Welcome in Czech. And whether you like here and let you enjoy Czech girls :-)

Re: International issues?

Napsal: pon 25 črc, 2011 00:28
od KPX
Welcome to the forum and to the team, Denartha!

Don't worry about not being able to interact in Czech here - if you need to ask, just ask in English. Some of us here will be able to help. And if you want to share, please do so as well. We like to read about Mersenne numbers just as much as about Brno,... and if you share some jokes, even better!